A Recoverist Declaration

We need to recovery our humanity!

Our collective distress, which manifests itself in many different ways, has the same roots.

Addiction, mental health problems, obesity, gambling and a whole range of other behaviours are the ways in which we try to soothe this distress.

Disconnection, dislocation and disempowerment impact negatively on individuals, families, the community and whole countries.


Fast changing economies, global upheaval and massive social change has left us confused, lost and numb, unsure of what it means to be a human being today.

We believe the answers to many of our current health and social challenges lies with people who have experienced these challenges and managed to recover.

We believe we have a responsibility to share our experiences with others in order to rebuild feeling, valuing, connected and compassionate communities that support our humanity.

What is a Recoverist?


Recoverists are people in recovery, their friends and families, and citizens who are passionate about the benefits recovery brings to us all

Grounded in their own experiences, Recoverists embody and share the values and principles of recovery with others.


Recoverists are activists – we take action.

We walk our talk!

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