Join the rebellion of the compassionate communties!

Recovering Connections: Changing Stigma to Respect campaign: an ongoing campaign against the stigmatising attitudes, behaviours and structures that are hindering people from seeking help for drug and alcohol problems.


For the first time, in 2018, the Recovery Community of Scotland supported by its friends and allies made its own International Recovery Month Proclamation.

Despite our collective best efforts we are not reducing the scale of loss to alcohol, drugs and suicide.

All our current efforts in terms of treatment, support services and community action are necessary contributions, but they are not sufficient.

Keep your eyes open for campaigns that tackle stigma and promote lived experience.

Start your own campaign around things you want to see change.

Save the date!

Recovering Connections: Flourishing Communities 

Nov 9th, 2018 Easterhouse, Glasgow 9-5pm

The Partnership For Action on Drugs and Alcohol: Communities sub group is following up last years highly successful ‘Change Stigma To Respect’ event with a deeper dive into what makes communities flourish. Grass roots community activists from addiction and mental health recovery communities and wider community will be invited, so that we can consider how we can build more flourishing communities together. 

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